77 Jamaican x 88 NL#5/Haze

“Landrace Jamaican taken from the field in 77, only one seed survived as a female even though seed were stored correctly.
Roadkill sweet skunk and fruity sandalwood high notes. Plenty of resin and a pretty clean long lasting sativa based flight.
Coulpled with the 88 NL5 x Haze can only mean expressions in the offspring from modern indica Kush type to landrace Jamaican sativa.
Either way cup winners and head stash genotypes findings should be plentiful. Both types mold resistant. 55-70 days

Sex: Regular M/F
15 Organic seeds per pack plus Swami Organic Seed Freebie and or W.G.F.T Freebie.

77 Jamaican x 88 NL#5/Haze


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