Genetics: Kosher Kush(Jew Gold) x Birthday Cake


Flowering Time: 56 - 70 Days

6 Fem Seeds Per Pack


Bat Mitzvah is an Indica dominant hybrid suitable for indoor or outdoor gardens in legal environments. Cannarado Genetics report flowering times of between 56-70 days, and plants are sturdy and Indica-typical in structure with dense flower sets.
Bat Mitzvah is a cross of Kosher Kush (Jew’s Gold) x Birthday Cake and she’ll have you celebrating with her old skool funk and deep earthy flavours, tempered with sweet vanilla and fruit from the Birthday Cake.
Bat Mitzvah carries Indica-dominant effects that centre on the body with a nostalgic, flavour-filled high.
We are certain that Bat Mitzvah is going to be very popular with collectors of unusual crosses and fans of Rocky Mountain cannabis in general.

Bat Mitzvah