Boax is a very popular strain of hemp. Most of the lovely exotic strains we are seeing now involve crossings with this strain. This is a hemp OG, Original. Its lineage is derived from Hindu Kush and Otto cannabis strains. When grown well it can have a nice terpene content, but most Boax around currently is very grassy and earthy. Good Boax will have a sweet, almost fruity flavor. This strain is popular for its great entourage effect.


Boax CBD Hemp Flower tests at 18% CBD and also contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC


Feminized Hemp Seed


1 male to every 3000 plants.


Germ rate 96%


Packs of 10 Seeds for $20

Packs of 100 Seeds for $150

Packs of 500 Seeds for $700

Packs of 1250 Seeds for $1000

"The Cali Connection" Boax

10 Seeds

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