Strawberry Banana X Freshies**Animal Cookies X OGKB X OGKB X Ultraviolet OGRegular18 seeds per pack.Flavor: A Banana Split with farm-made Neapolitan ice cream made from Madagascar vanilla beans, Dutch-processed chocolateand wild-crafted strawberry compote. Freshly prepared whipped cream with candied cherries, and cookie crumbs on top!Potency: High in THC with some phenotypes that contain noticeable amounts of CBGEffects: Smooth ride for those who are looking for potency with social activity.  Take a deep breath and exhale comfort!Ease of growth: Very easy. Shouldn’t be too hard to get this going and getting them pretty big. Make sure you super crop theseplants to get the most out of them.Other Notes: Save your kief, because rosin from this strain will be incredible. You should have a lot, the way Strawnana andcookies throw down on the resin.Reference: Skiing and snowboarding- the bunny slope is easiest to nail.Bunny Slope grown and documented by : Gwalch_greyskyInstagram: @gwalch_greysky

Bunny Slope


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