Genetics: (Chem D x Tom Hill Haze) x Tropicanna Cookies

Area: Indoor / Outdoor

Flowering Time: 8-11 Weeks

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid

Yield: Medium/High

15 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Chem T Haze from Oni Seed Co is a new Sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis from this elite American seed outfit.
Chem T Haze is a well-bred strain derived from a 3-way cross of TR Seeds' (Chem D x Tom Hill Haze) x Tropicanna Cookies. There are some real legendary strains in the immediate genetic lineage including Tangie and Girl Scout Cookies.
Oni Seed Co’s breeding team have selected and honed this strain to the near-perfect state it’s now in ready for legally operating growers to enjoy the prolific growth and above-average yields. The presence of Tropicanna Cookies in the genetics gives some phenos a beautiful purple colouration.
70 days is a reasonable flowering time for a Sativa-leaning plant, and legal cultivators will be rewarded with well-stacked buds with aromas and flavours of funky garlic and rubber. Legally-operating extraction artists are going to love the cinnamon sugar resin from this outstanding hybrid.

Chem T Haze