Chocolate Thai x Bx2 Mazar/Guerrero

“This classic arrangement of Afghan, Mexican, and Thai genetics can only lead to one thing....heady high octane ass kickers. This breeding is a Thai Sativa mother x Afghani Indica/Mexican hybrid male...which IMO opens this up to the more exploratory stinking phenotypes that made roadkill skunk the legend it is. The Chocolate Thai is quite refined as a farmed drug cultivar. Flowering times have dropped in the line to near 60 days,as it is worked by those who have access to it over the last decade. Expect great things in these F1s. Lots of flavor and lots of grease. This will be a fun one to explore. Mid to taller with finish times near 60 days.”

Sex: Regular M/F
15 Organic seeds per pack plus Swami Organic Seed Freebie and or W.G.F.T Freebie.

Chocolate Thai x Bx2 Mazar/Guerrero


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