•Rainbow Chip F2Rainbow Chip x Rainbow Chip•Baker’s Dozen Milk & Cookies x Rainbow Chip•Runtz Buttonz Runtz x Rainbow Chip•Goudaberry Red pop x Rainbow Chip•Dirty Little Secret Donkey Butter x Rainbow Chip•Big League Sherb Sherb x Rainbow Chip•Gazzungaz Zkittles x Rainbow Chip•Scotty 2 Hotty Biscotti x Rainbow Chip•Tongue Splasher Gushers x Rainbow Chip•THE WOAH Wojo x Rainbow Chip•Rainbow “G”Sunny G X Rainbow Chip•Southern SugarGeorgia Pie X Rainbow Chip•Bonus packs include in box:PrismGMO x Rainbow ChipGrapes & RainbowsGrape Bubba x Rainbow Chip•Freebies included in box:Cocobamba Mint Chip x Rainbow ChipBangarang Bonkers x Rainbow Chip+ExoticGenetix - Hat, Stickers, Lanyard,Gummy Bracelet, and a box of Rainbow Nerds

Exotic Genetix "Rainbow Chip" Players Box

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