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Sunset Sherbert X Powder Cakes*

*Wedding Cake X Freshies(Animal Cookies X OGKB X OGKB X Ultraviolet OG)

Regular 18 seeds per pack.

Flocked Sherbert is one of the most gentle strains we carry, and is ideal for soothing anxious worries and inducing calm. Its taste evokes the flavors of high August afternoons – sunset sherbert, vanilla cake, and ripe berries. Keep this piece of warm summer glowing in your chest, and have your troubleseased. This blend is a Powder Cakes cross, so its strength goes without saying. Unlike other high-potency varietals, though, this plant lacks many of the drawbacks that commonly come with high THC levels. Flocked Sherbet is relatively easy to grow, but is more ideal for larger commercial operations.

Flocked Sherbet

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