Jedi Kush Strain: Hybrid Indica/Sativa


Lineage: Deathstar x SFV OG Kush IBL Male


Seeds: Reg Only (10Pack)


Yield: Large


Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks


Awards: 2013- 3rd Place “Highest CBD”, High Times Medical Cup, San Francisco


2014- 1st Place “Best Nonsolvent Hash”, High Times Medical Cup, Detroit


This is a cross of the Deathstar, clone only with our SFV OG Kush IBL male. We’ve taken this and worked it down to a solid representation to the one that has won multiple Cannabis Cup awards. It’s a larger yielding, more Sour Diesel structure, fast flowering plant. She has a tendency to have CBD pheonos as well as high THC pheonos. She was won multiple Cannabis Cups for various THC and CBD awards. We’ve worked her down into a solid BX3 representation and are proud to bring her back to market.

Jedi Kush


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