LA Affie


Strain: Indica


Lineage: LA Affie clone


Seeds: Fem Only(6pack)


Fem- LA Affie x LA Affie


Reg- LA Affie x Pre-98 Bubba BX


Yield: Medium


Flowering Time: 55-60 Days


The LA Affie is the famed LA Affie clone. The clone was taken and reversed to itself to make an S1 in feminized only. She is a larger yielding afghani with a very beautiful structure and look. She turns purple, great color smell and flavor are more of a true afghani, hashy with a hint of fruit, more of a currant. Yield is not very large to do it’s Indica nature, flower time is fast, 100% Indica, 55-60 days max.

L.A Affie


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