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Mother’s Little Helper

No Quarter* X Center*

(OGKB x PNW Purple Indica x Faceoff OG BX1) X (ACDC x PNW Purple Indica X Faceoff OG BX1)

Regular12 seeds per pack.

Flavor: Chocolate chip, sugar cookie, cookie dough, lavender, cherry, cheesy, grape. Expect a flavor explosion when it comes to the Mother’s Little Helper. You will be incredibly surprised if you turn this into extracts as well. I can almost guarantee you that this CBD cross will be like nothing you have ever seen before, and the unique, complex cannabinoid content and terpene profile will agree with me.

Potency: Average will be around the mid 20% range on THC, but the CBD will range depending on which phenotypes you test. Expect to see high amounts of CBD in several phenotypes as well.

Effects: Euphoric, sedative, lethargic, couch-lock, full-bodied, bloodshot red eyes, extreme munchies. This should be reserved for the end of the day. It is not suggested to consume this before going to work. That should be left for the heavily experienced cannabis consumers.

Ease Of Growth: A short plant that will bush out with a good amount of weight packed onto the flowers. Some plants might not yield very big flowers, but will be very dense and chunky. It could be an extractors dream plant due to the amount of resin the OGKB, and OGKB crosses can produce can produce.  If you are looking for a CBD cultivar that will be good for Ice Water, or Hydrocarbon extracts look no further than Mother’s Little Helper.

Other Notes: Don’t throw out any phenotypes you come across until you can get them tested in a lab for its cannabinoid content. It might not look like a keeper, but the test results will tell you otherwise.Mother’s Little Helper grown and documented by :@flyingfish420

Mothers Little Helper

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