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Genetics: Sherbert x Moonbow #8 x Dosidos

Sex: Regular

Area: Indoor/Outdoor

Flowering indoors: 70 – 77 days (10 - 11 weeks)

Yield: High

12 Reg Seeds Per Pack

Another one of the Sherbert x Moonbow rareities put into seed form. Releasing the work as we work on it. The Sherb x Moonbow #8 was the better growing of the two phenos we kept. Not quite as intoxicating of an aroma as the #25, she was still quite incredible, and just as tasty, with a little more punch to the stone. Not to mention twice as big of a plant and not nearly as finicky as the #25. Beautiful purple and emerald green colors on the flowers with a thick, dense coverage of silvery blue resin. Get out the alcohol for your trimmers, they’re going to be cleaning their scissors a lot! This stuff is sticky. Lower temps in your trim room to make it easier to trim. Pounds of this herb are exemplary and worthy of taking to any event and cracking open a jar. The only negative is people might start calling you a show boat if you don’t leave them with a sample.

Show Boat

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