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Giovanni Battista Bugatti* X Kurple Fantasy 
*OGKB X OGKB x Ultraviolet OG
6 seeds per pack
Flavor: Loud gassy doughy gingerbread cookies with notes of fruitiness. Consistent in production – variations are minimal in end product
Potency: High
Effects: Hits you with energy and then you drift into euphoric bliss of calm.
Very potent – use with caution- onset may be deceiving in the initial uplift. Be advised when consuming in social situations. As much as you go up, you will go down. Loaded with Linalool (lavender terpenes) so be advised. Be near a soft surface when the saturation hits and initial THC rush wears off. What goes up must come down. In this case, the high is like a mixed marital arts brawl but you can’t tap out when you’ve had too much.
Ease of growth: Another easy grower from the CCS Center. Fast, high yields Improved version of Forum Cookies with more staking and steroids. Displays desirable pink pistils.
Other notes: Like the sleeper hold, you may go down. Use with caution. Made with Giovanni Battista Bugatti #13 which is super OGKB dominate with extra gas and grape gusher notes.

The Sleeper Hold

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