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Ultraviolence X Freshies

* *Animal Cookies X OGKB X OGKB X Ultraviolet OG

Regular 18 seeds per pack.


Flavor: Offers different variations of citrus and doughy cookies. From sweet honey tangerines to piny sunny delight, blood oranges and a harder to find orange bubblegum phenol.


Potency: High THC, around 23-28%

THC Effects: Every smoker’s dream, take the time and enjoy this one. The mellow hazy high stimulates all the senses. Don’t forget where you put your keys, you may be highly attuned but in passion of the stone you lapse reason.

Ease of growth: Grows big and most have funny OGKB looking leaves. Very fast and aggressive in vegetation.

Other notes: Profound strain that will leave a memorable impression. At first sight the luster of growth, the fragrance of this flower will be jaw drop any up and coming bud master. Make sure you grow out enough to share.

Ultra Freshies

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